An Eminent Chemical Scientist & Technologist, Columnist, Television Anchor ,Author, Orator & Science Popularizer


An Eminent Chemical Scientist & Technologist, Columnist, Television Anchor ,Author, Orator, Science Popularizer


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A Village Lover

Though he has lived major part of his life in cities, it seems his soul is still pre-sent in his village.


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Dr. Mishra strongly believes in hard work, self confidence, perseverance, humanitarian attitude and universal brotherhood. Dr. Mishra is a day dreamer and is a very passionate person. Tears, Sweats, Pains, Difficulties, Problems & Hurdles are the assets of his life. Time is his best friend. He is a Destiny’s Child & personifies himself with his departed mother. He is a very positive person and has deep passion for Science & Technology and Popularization of Science. He has strong will power & determination and possesses capabilities to transform his dreams in to thoughts and thoughts in to action.


He is a disciple of the ideals cherished by Late People’s President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam and lives a very plain and simple life. He is a down to earth person and simplicity & humility are inbuilt in his character. He has regards & respects for everybody he encounters with in his day to day life. He has a persona having a strong societal face well blended with scientific attitude and passion for scientific & technological research, science popularization, science writing, scientific oration and everything that is linked to science & technology.

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